All About the Transition to Offshore Wind

Pushing the boundaries of what to expect from wind.


Setting wind power free

Ocean Wind International Industrial Limited’s innovations have helped to free wind power from the shackles of expensive bottom-fixed designs that depend on a tower anchored in the sea bed no more than 60 meters below water.

We have developed our own proprietary and pioneering technology that enables our solutions to be deployed further out to sea where winds are stronger and more consistent without the constraints imposed on bottom-fixed variants by greater water depths.

Our solutions produce abundant, carbon-free and cheap power from installations that are unseen, unheard and that use no water.

Driven by experience

Ocean Wind International Industrial Limited’s team is made up of experts with many years of experience steering successful businesses and delivering large-scale energy projects for some of the world’s greatest names in engineering.

Our technology has been extensively and successfully tested and substantiated by global experts in some of the world’s most challenging marine environments.

Ocean Wind International Industrial Limited fully intends to become a wind energy major.