The Power of Wind . . . Realized

Proven in the most inhospitable of ocean environments, Poseidon delivers.


Enter Poseidon

Ocean Wind International Industrial Limited’s Poseidon solution is an evolutionary floating platform for offshore wind turbines featuring a simple, cost-effective design with several patents pending.

The pioneering features of Poseidon significantly reduce wave and turbine-induced motion to the extent that turbines can now be safely deployed in locations where water depths can reach 800 meters. Additionally, cost-efficiency is maximized by negating the requirement for offshore heavy-lift operations throughout final assembly, implementation and commissioning.

Structures are fully assembled and commissioned onshore before being towed by tugboats to their deployment location. The sturdy design can accommodate wind turbine generators (WTG) rated as high as 12MW with blade tip heights of up to 100 meters.


Poseidon’s mooring system only makes use of components that are comparatively inexpensive, readily available and easy to install. The configuration is similar to that in use on floating oil and gas platforms; its installation is far less weather-dependent than for bottom-fixed solutions and implementation does not demand a full geotechnical assessment of the sea bed before design or anchoring.

Moreover, the slight cost increase, due to the greater water depth, associated with Poseidon’s mooring system is minimal especially when factoring in the far greater power generation potential of stronger, more consistent winds available further out to sea.